22 September 2012

Original Elonex Ones for sale...

Morgan had some Elonex One+ machines for sale at £19.95 - but it looks like they have all sold out already:


Did anyone dash in and get one? Is this a good indication of the resale value of the Elonex machines?

11 February 2010

Time moves on

I see Maplin's price for the CE version of the little laptop is now down to £79.99 http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?moduleno=257308

In other news... Google have just launched a new Discussion feature called Buzz... So, I ask myself what's the difference between a Buzz, a Blog, a Twitter page, a Facebook page or an email group web page? If you know the answer why not contribute to my Buzz at: http://www.google.com/profiles/elonex1t



06 June 2009

Windows CE on a ONEt!

Well, not quite, but Maplin have started selling a version of the ONEt/MiniBook with 4 gigabytes of flash memory and Windows CE preloaded - see http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?moduleno=257308 - currently priced at £129.99

The full product specification is on the CnM Lifestyle website at

As far as the original Linux version goes, both Maplin and Elonex currently only have "B grade" (shopsoiled or demo) versions of the machine available - at £99

But, interestingly, Maplin have the Linux version of Elonex's WebBook available at £179.99 - see http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?moduleno=228797

02 March 2009

Progress on Alternative Linux versions

Little Linux Laptop have announced a new version of Linux for the Dutch version of the Elonex ONEt - http://www.littlelinuxlaptop.com/software/3MX.htm - at the moment it's only compatible with machines that use the .IMG recovery file type (the Elonex ONEt and the Maplin MiniBook use a .REC file type as discussed on our Google group). But, it's a good sign that ONEt users might get their hands on an improved set of programs in the not too distant future...

30 January 2009

More gradual changes...

This blog is starting to become a record of the changes to www.elonexone.co.uk where the latest changes seem to be a loss of the link to the original Elonex ONE Laptop, the removal of the Linux option from the Elonex Webbook and a price increase for the Webbook XP to £299.

There are some "Clearance" examples of the ONEt available for £99 so Elonex can still boast the availability of laptops at under the magic £100 barrier.

And, the ONEt(+) seems to have become the winning combination in terms of availability and numbers sold?

Will it stay that way, and how much more software will become available for the ONEt? Why not subscribe to our associated Google group and join the discussions...

03 December 2008

Yet another change to the Elonex ONE website

http://www.elonexone.co.uk has changed completely again!

You can now order the Elonex ONE(+), the Elonex ONEt(+) and the Webbook (Linux or XP).

The ONEt price has gone up to £119 for the 1GB model or £129 for the 2GB Plus - a more sensible price difference - and the Linux Webbook is available for £199 - there's no mention of shipping charges and I haven't got as far as the checkout to see if it's still £10 or it's now free.

The fact that all the models are offered for sale, plus some ex-demo and B-grade stock clearance items, may indicate that the latest shipments have been received (or are about to be received) from China/Taiwan and that Elonex actually think they now have more stock than orders!

Do continue to keep our poll up to date with your orders and receipts...

07 November 2008

Elonex ONE Website changed completely

There's been a sudden and complete change to http://www.elonexone.co.uk - gone is any mention of the original Elonex ONE (with its removable keyboard) - also gone is any mention of the ONE Union website. Instead the ONEt and ONEt+ are available at the original ONE prices of £99 and £119 + £10 postage.

As I've commented before, I don't think the extra 1 GigaByte of Flash memory is worth £20 - I think you would be much better off buying the plain ONEt and spending the £20 on one or more SD cards - if you have problems with the ONEt and need to "recover" the original installation you'll need an SD card as that's the only place you can install a Recovery image from - with a bit of shopping around you can also get a 4 GigaByte SD card for under £20.

There's confirmation on the Maplin website that 4 GigaBytes is the maximum supported SD or USB memory size. Maplin have the ONEt+ equivalent "minibook" available at £139.99 including postage, plus some "B grade stock" at £119.99 - with the advantage that these machines are in stock now rather than having to wait until Christmas.

So, will the original ONE or a variant reappear later at a lower price or from a different supplier? Or are we now limited to the ONEt(+)? I would like to see the ONE back again, for its 486 compatibility, range of available software and 256 MegaByte RAM...